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Client Letter: jocreations!, LLC

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Thank you for helping me to navigate through the maze of franchise negotiation. Your strong commitment to the legal protection and simultaneous success of your client (s) was apparent during our entire relationship. Once you reviewed the proposed franchise agreement, your counsel gave me a basis to make confident decisions regarding the negotiation and purchase of my franchise. Your expertise in Franchise Law made it possible to understand and successfully maneuver through a web of bureaucratic language and you simplified an arduous negotiating process. I believe the success of my negotiation stemmed from your understanding of franchise law and had I used a different lawyer, I would not have had such a beneficial franchise contract. I will recommend your Law firm to anyone that is searching for a committed Franchise Lawyer. I hope I won’t need to retain you in the future, but in the event that I do, I will welcome your counsel again.

Julie O’Connor
jocreations!, LLC
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