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Business Law Services

Franchisors and franchisees often need help with other legal issues of importance to your business.

For example:

Lease Review. The firm will review a proposed real estate lease that you are considering signing as a tenant and make recommendations for changes or additional questions to ask before you sign the lease.

Purchase or Sale of Commercial Real Estate. We can arrange an independent title search to make sure that you can obtain “clean title,” and also negotiate the terms of the purchase with both the seller and your third party financier.

Purchase and Sale of an Established Business. The firm has represented numerous sellers and buyers of established businesses, both franchised and independent. While such transactions typically are a transfer of the business’s assets, sometime they may involve the sale of stock or LLC membership interests. Franchise & Business Law Group will assist you with due diligence concerning the business’s assets and liabilities, and also can play an important role in negotiating a satisfactory purchase and sale agreement.

Business Entity Formation and Dissolution.The Franchise & Business Law Group has worked with many start-up and early stage companies with regard to formation of the business entity and creation of an LLC Operating Agreement or corporate by-laws that will facilitate fair and efficient governance of the company. The firm also will handle filings with the state and United States governments to establish your entity.

We also have counseled business owners and facilitated the negotiation of a buy-out of unhappy owners and/or dissolution of the entity.

Growth of Existing Businesses. The firm is sensitive to the fact that franchising may not be the appropriate method of growing your company’s brand and its ultimate profitability. In those situations, we will work with you to formulate and implement other methods of achieving growth, such as establishing joint ventures or partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs, licensing business methods or technology without trademarks, or providing consulting services to others wishing to operate in your industry.

Trademarks and Copyrights. Choosing business names and logos that you can use exclusively, or at least do not infringe on others’ trademark rights, is absolutely critical for the success of your business. Franchise & Business Law Group also represents clients in the selection and protection of their business names and/or logos, particularly with regard to obtaining registration of those names or logos by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (“USPTO”) as a trademark or service mark. The firm also is assisting clients with protecting their ownership of creative works (such as Operations Manuals, photographs and advertising copy) through copyright registration.

Employment. Franchise & Business Law Group lawyers have substantial experience with employment matters, both in terms of negotiating an agreement with a prospective employer or employee; resolving issues within the employment relationship; and representing clients in disputes with their former employer or employee.