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Franchising Your Business

Want To Franchise Your Business?

Whether you are a first-time franchisor or have years of experience, franchising can raise a host of business and legal issues. The lawyers in the Franchise & Business Law Group at Whiteford Taylor & Preston work with potential franchisors to evaluate the many benefits and risks. If becoming a franchisor is the path to take, we can assist you at every step of the way. Services we provide include:
  • preparing the Franchise Disclosure Document that you will be legally obligated to provide to prospective franchisees, as well as the standard form of franchise agreement and other contracts and materials to present to potential buyers;
  • handling registration of your franchise offering with state securities commissioners;
  • securing the trademark and copyright protections you need to ensure protection of your business name, logos, and business system;
  • advising on the type of business entity (Corporation, LLC, Partnership) you should choose, then executing and maintaining your limited liability entity structure;
  • additionally, we coordinate with a franchising consultant to assist in the development of your company’s store operations manual, promotional materials to attract franchisees, and a business plan, which may be needed to secure financing.

CONTACT US to arrange for a complimentary consultation with our franchising lawyers to determine if you’re ready to start franchising your business or if other methods are a better way to grow your brand.